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This is probably the first space-themed game that you can't shoot in!

Your goal is to get as rich as you can. To earn money, first you must find an asteroid. To get the minerals you need to pick up an asteriod by colliding with it. Now you need to find another asteroid to smash them and hopefully get the gold, iron, or carbon.

Now you need to find a space-station. Just fly underneath it and then press the spacebar. This will bring you to the trading menu. The number on the left shows how much that mineral has. In the middle, you will see how much of it you have. Then you can just click the icon on the right to trade.

Later in the game, you will see the pirates. To destroy them, you will need to avoid the lasers and then smash into the spaceship.
Oh, wait! i forgot to mension that blue bar in the top-left corner! This is your fuel. It will naturally drop over time, but if you get hit by a laser, you will lose a bunch more fuel. If you run out, it's game-over.

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Install instructions

1. download

2. have fun

3. get bored

4. delete (jk, dont)


Galactic Billionaires v003.exe 7 MB

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